about me

Meagan King

MA, LMHC MH22550

Do you struggle with negative feelings in your life that you just don’t understand? Are you finding yourself feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious, or just frustrated with certain aspects of your life, but don’t know what to do about it or how to make a change? I am here for you. The fact that you have taken the first step in recognizing that you may need help is something you should be proud of.
I know it can sometimes be scary to reach out and ask for help, but know that I am here to help create a safe, warm, and understanding environment where we can work together to help make the change that you desire.

While the idea of therapy can sometimes be daunting, I am here to ease those fears and tell you that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. There is no issue that is too big or too small to overcome. Life is too short to be living with any negative feelings weighing you down, regardless of your age or what stage you are in life.

I know that each individual has their own sets of needs or concerns, which is why I change my therapeutic approach based on the needs of that person. I am here to make the therapeutic experience as pleasant and successful as possible and look forward to helping you in your journey.